An interesting new trend in electronics is the digital picture frame.

With a digital picture frame, a person can upload a few hundred megs, sometimes even 2 or 4 gigabytes, worth of images and have them displayed brightly on a small LCD screen. Some of the units actually allow for larger LCD screens, even as large as 15″ which is the same size as some laptop screens.

Using a digital photo frame, the purchaser has the ability to let the photo frame play one single image, mimicking a normal photo, or have it scroll through multiple images in a slide-show format. Hanging this on a wall can produce an excellent way to enjoy your day at the home or at the office, watching scrolling images refresh every few seconds or minutes, depending on how you have it set.

Rather than having multiple picture frames across your desk at work, you can have just one that houses all of your current family photos and let it casually use the slide show option and scroll through every one of them. Not only does this allow for a more varied and enjoyable picture to view but the scrolling also will help avoid images burning into the LCD screen of the picture frame.

The price of these digital photo frames can be more than the average photo frame but when you consider the number of frames you would need in order to view every single possible picture you might have in the frame, the cost is definitely a major savings.