Digital photo frames can be used as great personalised photo gifts or they can be kept for oneself in order to display a selection of your favourite photographs. While you are limited to a still impressive 56 pictures with the digital photo key ring, the 7″ digital photo frame includes a 2GB memory card that can be used to store literally thousands of photos which can in turn be displayed straight on to the photo frame and controlled using the included remote control.

Personalised Photo Key Rings

A personalised photo key ring is essentially a miniature digital photo frame that is small and convenient enough to be attached to a bunch of keys. Once you’ve uploaded up to 50 or more of your favourite photographs and have recharged the key ring using the included USB cable connected to your computer, you will be able to enjoy continuous viewing of your pictures for up to 2.5 hours on a single charge.

Digital Photo Frames

The digital photo frame measures 7″ in total and thanks to the free 2GB memory card that is included with the frame, you can enjoy thousands of photos without having to change memory card. Powered by the mains, the 7″ frame can also be used as a calendar, clock, alarm, mp3 player, and even an FM radio. It includes its own stereo speakers in order to facilitate many of these features while the display can be rotated to display images either in landscape or portrait depending on your preference.

Digital Photo Frame Features

JPEG and MPEG files are supported as standard, along with mp3 files for musicalong with MPEG 1, 2, and 2.5 movie files. The remote control serves to enable you to flick through and pause photographs as well as perform other navigational functions concerning the slide show. It is also used to control movie and music files, the radio, and much more. Not only is the digital photo frame a modern looking piece of equipment but it is functional and appealing too.

Enjoying Your Digital Photos

Digital photo frames of any size enable you to really enjoy your photographs. You don’t even need to print your favourite photographs any more as you can simply insert your memory card, or update the internal memory of the key ring, and then let the frame do the rest of the work for you. If you already have a selection of photos that you want installed on either of the photo frames then you can have these added before you even receive the item saving you the effort of even uploading the images when the frame arrives.

Other Photo Gifts And Personalised Photo Items

Digital photo frames are just one type of personalised photo gift that enable you to enjoy the most from your digital photograph collection. They are ultra modern devices that show off your pictures in a slideshow type display but if you want a more tactile and physical experience then you may prefer canvas prints, canvas blocks or any of a number of other personalised photo gifts.