From Digital to the Next Generation WiFi Picture Frame

Have you ever wanted to upload a picture to a digital frame, but didn’t feel like taking the time to get it down and deal with the massive hassle of uploading pictures. What if you were able to add images to your digital frames wirelessly. That’s exactly what you get with a WiFi Picture Frame. I have a digital frame that I love. I love that I can display a ton of images of my family and friends along with places I’ve visited. I’ve always found it a hassle to upload the photos though. It’s rare that I even upload photos after the first time. In a busy world like mine there’s just not enough time to go get down the frame hook it up to the computer and wait for it to upload. And That’s where WiFi comes in.

Most WiFi frames come with a unique email address. This allows you to simply email your photos the picture frame. (Assuming it’s connected to a wireless network) Someone somewhere was a genius. Being able to email you’re photos directly to your digital frame makes it so simple to add new photos. It can change the way you enjoy your memories. Next time your child has a birthday, or an old friend comes into town you probably will have a lot of pictures right? Now it’s easy to send them directly to your WiFi digital frame and you can send them from anywhere in the world.

The next time you’re looking for a gift, or even an awesome accessory for your home you should seriously consider a WiFi Picture Frame. They are super simple to use and the enjoyment your family will get out of it will be priceless.

A Review of the IPEVO Kaleido R7 Digital LCD Frame

If you are wishing or in the market for a sexy, stylish, futuristic, unique digital LCD frame, then look no further. The Kaleido R7, from IPEVO, is the answer to your wish. One look at this beautifully designed digital frame and you might think that you are looking at Apple’s next big-thing product, the kind of product that would create a buzz in the market and long lines outside of Apple stores. Yes, I am THAT in love with this digital frame. And I am even more crazy about it because I think that it has potential for businesses who want to advertise on a medium that will draw attention to itself and this beautiful digital frame will draw attention to itself many times over.

OK, now that I have that off my shoulders, I have to ask, what does this digital LCD frame bring to the table? And how does it perform as far as quality and features are concerned? After all, even Apple has made many products that were, well, unApplish (yes, I made that up, sue me Apple). So, lets move on to our review of the Kaleido R7.

This beautiful Kaleido comes with a 7” digital frame that has a 800×480 high-resolution display and a 16:9 aspect ratio. The display is a LED backlit TFT LCD with a contrast ratio of 400:1. The images are sharp and clear and the brightness and the hue are perfect. If you own a business, you owe it to yourself to get one of these and upload your advertisements and sales on it. And if you like to live that contemporary, modern lifestyle, you too will love this digital frame and how it would look on the side table.

Further, the Kaleido R7 comes with built-in wireless IEEE 802.11b/g with support for WEP, WPA, and WPA2 security models. You are even able to use DHCP or give it an Static IP! Using the built-in wireless, you are able to display photos directly from the internet, from such sites as Flickr or Picasa, or from folders on your computer.

You can also use SD/SDHC, MMC, or MS memory card types with the R7. Simply insert these cards into the slot and load up the photos to the built-in memory of the R7 or just leave the memory card in and display the images directly from it. Want to attach your digital camera to the digital frame directly? R7 has a USB port for that too. Plug in your camera and transfer your pictures to the internal memory or display them as you wish directly from the digital camera.

One unique feature of the R7 is it’s rotating screen. It can be easily twisted to portrait mode from the default landscape mode. The controls are placed into the base using well-placed and easy to use buttons.

7 Inch Digital Photo Frames

With the modern age of photo frames on the rise, several companies have began to release the next stage of frame technology with digital photo frames. These cutting-edge photo frames were created to showcase your favorite images in a more presentable, technological advanced appearance. Unlike the general paper copy photos, digital photo frames present each and every image with crisp, clear and vibrant colors that can really brighten up a room. You will be surprised what sort of additions just a digital photo frame can bring to your room, not just as a frame but as a conversation starter. Your audience will be amazed at the ultra-clear quality and then astonished to see it can hold thousands of photos in just a single frame.

There are several sizes when dealing with these frames but the most popular choice by far has been the 7-inch digital photo frame since the introduction of such products. Larger versions of the digital frame can have up to a 12 inch frame which can be rather large for some situations. Several photo frame review sites have endless amounts of satisfied users who claim the 7-inch size is the perfect choice for any household and office uses. The typical image format accepted by 7-inch digital photo frames is JPEG as it’s very compatible with nearly all types of memory cards and cameras. Nearly all digital photo frames contain a slideshow feature that showcases multiple photos. This is a great feature and is what makes the digital frame stand out even more when compared to the old technology of single image frames. Depending upon your memory cards store size you can fit up to thousands of images onto a single frame that will keep people much more entertained than if it had a single image.

Recently a selection of 7 inch digital photo frames have released more advanced features such as video, mp3 and text file support. No longer will you just have the option of choosing an image display frame but also streaming video content as well. To show an example, if you happen to videotape your child’s graduation ceremony or birthday you can then upload the video onto your digital frame within minutes. Even more state-of-the-art frames have been released as of late which contain the ability to receive pictures from RSS feeds and several image sharing sites such as Picasa, Photobucket and Flickr. These types of frames require a wireless connection due to their built-in 802.11 wireless connectivity. For generic uploads users can easily update their digital photo frames with a memory card, USB connection or a wireless Bluetooth connection. Latest models have remote controllers included that allow the user to change the displayed contents of the frame much like a television.

Digital Photo Frames Make Excellent Photo Gifts

Digital photo frames can be used as great personalised photo gifts or they can be kept for oneself in order to display a selection of your favourite photographs. While you are limited to a still impressive 56 pictures with the digital photo key ring, the 7″ digital photo frame includes a 2GB memory card that can be used to store literally thousands of photos which can in turn be displayed straight on to the photo frame and controlled using the included remote control.

Personalised Photo Key Rings

A personalised photo key ring is essentially a miniature digital photo frame that is small and convenient enough to be attached to a bunch of keys. Once you’ve uploaded up to 50 or more of your favourite photographs and have recharged the key ring using the included USB cable connected to your computer, you will be able to enjoy continuous viewing of your pictures for up to 2.5 hours on a single charge.

Digital Photo Frames

The digital photo frame measures 7″ in total and thanks to the free 2GB memory card that is included with the frame, you can enjoy thousands of photos without having to change memory card. Powered by the mains, the 7″ frame can also be used as a calendar, clock, alarm, mp3 player, and even an FM radio. It includes its own stereo speakers in order to facilitate many of these features while the display can be rotated to display images either in landscape or portrait depending on your preference.

Digital Photo Frame Features

JPEG and MPEG files are supported as standard, along with mp3 files for musicalong with MPEG 1, 2, and 2.5 movie files. The remote control serves to enable you to flick through and pause photographs as well as perform other navigational functions concerning the slide show. It is also used to control movie and music files, the radio, and much more. Not only is the digital photo frame a modern looking piece of equipment but it is functional and appealing too.

Enjoying Your Digital Photos

Digital photo frames of any size enable you to really enjoy your photographs. You don’t even need to print your favourite photographs any more as you can simply insert your memory card, or update the internal memory of the key ring, and then let the frame do the rest of the work for you. If you already have a selection of photos that you want installed on either of the photo frames then you can have these added before you even receive the item saving you the effort of even uploading the images when the frame arrives.

Other Photo Gifts And Personalised Photo Items

Digital photo frames are just one type of personalised photo gift that enable you to enjoy the most from your digital photograph collection. They are ultra modern devices that show off your pictures in a slideshow type display but if you want a more tactile and physical experience then you may prefer canvas prints, canvas blocks or any of a number of other personalised photo gifts.

Digital Photo Frames Free The Family Photos From the Computer

Photos preserve memories of those we love doing all sorts of things. The scrapbook phenomenon of the recent years has encouraged many people to preserve their family history through the self-expression and creative outlets found in scrap booking. While this is a very exciting hobby for some, many people prefer to put their photos in frames around their house and be done with it.

In the days of processed film photographs, after the pictures were taken you took the film to the photo-developing store and waited a week or two until your photos were returned. Most rolls of film were sold in a 24 or 36 exposure. Each time you submitted your rolls of undeveloped film, you waited anxiously to see the developed images. Today, digital cameras have all but replaced the 35 mm cameras. Many of today’s cameras can take over 600 images per camera card. When the camera card is full, the card or camera are downloaded into the computer and sadly enough that is where most of the family photos are now stored. The camera industry has concluded that only 35% of digital photos taken are ever printed.

Digital Photo Frames Provide Ongoing Family Memories

Digital photo frames have taken that sad percentage and created a new media in which to publish the family photos. Digital photo frames display the pictures that have been stored on a camera card, in a slide-show format. Many digital photo frames have an internal memory storage that will allow pictures to be downloaded to the frame itself, while other digital photo frames can upload images from the Internet at specialty websites or even by your personal email. With the slide-show format of the digital photo frames, it is easy to see where more and more people will replace the standard frames in their homes with a digital model. When using a digital photo frame you get to see all the pictures that are on your camera card without having to download, print and store the actual photos.

The Electronic Picture Frame – An Overview

An interesting new trend in electronics is the digital picture frame.

With a digital picture frame, a person can upload a few hundred megs, sometimes even 2 or 4 gigabytes, worth of images and have them displayed brightly on a small LCD screen. Some of the units actually allow for larger LCD screens, even as large as 15″ which is the same size as some laptop screens.

Using a digital photo frame, the purchaser has the ability to let the photo frame play one single image, mimicking a normal photo, or have it scroll through multiple images in a slide-show format. Hanging this on a wall can produce an excellent way to enjoy your day at the home or at the office, watching scrolling images refresh every few seconds or minutes, depending on how you have it set.

Rather than having multiple picture frames across your desk at work, you can have just one that houses all of your current family photos and let it casually use the slide show option and scroll through every one of them. Not only does this allow for a more varied and enjoyable picture to view but the scrolling also will help avoid images burning into the LCD screen of the picture frame.

The price of these digital photo frames can be more than the average photo frame but when you consider the number of frames you would need in order to view every single possible picture you might have in the frame, the cost is definitely a major savings.

Digital Photo Frames Make Thoughtful, Long-Lasting Gifts

Ever since the camera was invented, people have loved to take pictures of their families, and to send them to friends and relatives. We all grew up with photo albums full of family portraits, baby photos and vacation snapshots. And most people have photos of their loved ones – including their pets – proudly displayed both at home and at work. These days it’s easy to share our photographs via the internet, whether by email or on Facebook, MySpace, Flickr and other social networking and photo sharing sites.

If you have children, you’ll know how much fun it is for grandparents, aunts, uncles and godparents, especially if they live far away, to receive photos of them so they can follow their development and show them off to others. Of course photos of weddings, graduations, birthdays, bar/bat mitzvahs and other family gatherings, as well as snaps of pets, new homes or vacations, are always appreciated too. With so many photographs to share, you need a practical way to store and view them – and preferably one that is easy and convenient for the recipient.

This is why a digital photo frame is an excellent gift for anyone who likes to look at photos. You can give a grandmother a frame that you have loaded up with a series of images, and then encourage her to upload more photos from the web every now and then, or transfer them from her own digital camera. If she doesn’t want to deal with the technology you can always add to her collection whenever you meet. She will have a large number of pictures of her grandchildren and other family members to enjoy. Many digital picture frames are also able to play video files, so don’t forget to send or give her video clips you shoot with your camcorder or cellphone as well.

Here are some other gift ideas for digital photo frames that are sure to delight the people who receive them:

Everyone needs a keychain to keep their keys in order. Why not give a digital photo keychain with a selection of photos of your kids, family occasions, beautiful spots you and the recipient have visited together, and anything else that might bring a smile to his face. A digital keychain is so inexpensive it can be a perfect “anytime” gift.

Instead of yet another photograph to stick on the refrigerator or filing cabinet, give your friend a magnetized digital frame and let her clear all that clutter away! She can flip through the pics and choose the one that suits her mood best that day.

Think outside the box and turn a digital photo frame into a fantastic recipe book that makes a wonderful present for a wedding or birthday. Gather all your family favorites and download or type out the recipes, then take photos of the finished dishes or add videos of the preparation process, and you’ll have a unique, personalized gift for a young adult leaving home.

Anyone who is bedridden or confined to home, for example following surgery, is sure to appreciate being able to look at a selection of his favorite images. If you get him a digital photo frame that also supports video files and even plays DVDs he can enjoy hours of entertainment from the device.

For elderly people who are suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s a digital frame can bring back many happy memories and let them stay connected with loved ones. You can scan or upload old photos from their youth to help them remember, as well as images from recent family events to help them stay up to date with current developments. If the device has speakers, record a helpful description or anecdote for each image, for that extra personal touch. Many frames can be set to play a slideshow, so that caregivers or family members don’t need to worry about being called upon to change the picture.

A digital picture frame filled with familiar images from home is also the ideal thing to give a college student or a younger student going away to summer camp to prevent them from feeling homesick. A member of the armed forces deployed overseas is bound to treasure a digital frame and the ability to load more photographs onto it when he has access to the web. The same goes for anyone who is traveling or working away from home. Whomever you give a digital photo frame to, you can be sure it will be a welcome gift that will keep on giving for a long time.